RMLA Benevolence Fund in memory of Don Larson

This fund was developed by the RMLA Board to help families of RMLA constituents that have suffered from financial burdens caused by illness or injury. The Board is aware that calamities come our way when we have limited financial or material resources. It is named “Don Larson/RMLA Memorial Fund” in memory of a man who contributed so much to the Ropeway Industry. Don grew up in Vail and graduated with a Masters degree in Applied Mechanics in 1991 from Colorado School of Mines. During his 17 year career in the lift industry, he worked for Doppelmayr, Poma, Tramway Engineering and Ropeway Technical Services. He attended and taught classes at many RMLA conferences and received the Robert Lesage award in 2008. 

Contributions can be made by completing a donation form and sending a check to RMLA.

  1. Donated funds will be kept in a separate interest bearing account.

  2. Only cash or check made out to RMLA Benevolence Fund will be accepted. No “Gift in Kind” will be accepted.

  3. Approval of fund dispersal will be made at the discretion of the RMLA Board after receipt of written application.

  4. Only donations to the general fund will be accepted. Donations will be placed in a “pool” and donations to a specific cause or person will not be accepted.

Benevolence Donation

Don Larson Collage