RMLA Board

The business and affairs of the Association shall be managed by a Board of Directors consisting of no less than five (5) or no more than nine (9) Directors, each of whom shall be an individual employed by a Full Member in the lift department or as an instructor of Ski Area Operations.

January 2019:  Conference and Board Updates

The RMLA Board is always interested in hearing your opinions, needs and suggestions. Please reach out to the Board members or send an email to the address below with your comments, or suggestions.

The RMLA Board meets about 6 times a year at various ski resorts and by conference call to plan and develop the Spring Conference class agenda and seek speakers for the various classes. Your input is vital to the continued growth and success of the conference. Additionally, a few members of the RMLA board have been promoted into positions not directly relataed to maintenance nor operations. In consideration of continuity in programming and related efforts for 48th Conference, the RMLA Board will maintain these members until spring 2019 and the completion of the conference. As such the RMLA Board is seeking two individuals for the Board. If you havve interest or know someone interested in serving on the board, please reach out to a board member at your earliest conveinence.

We greatly appreciate your continued support and interest in RMLA. 


Best Regards,

Michael Lane 
Liaison to RMLA